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Welcome to the Bob Ross JSON API

A public API with Quotes from the legend himself, each request will return a random selection of ever growing list of quotes from his show.

šŸ§° How it works

The Bob Ross JSON API gives you the option to return a single or multiple quotes based on a desired limit or a specific term. You can either perform a GET request or POST. Below are details on how to make these calls.

Try it out for yourself, download the Postman script here.

šŸ¤š GET requests

To get a single random quote from Bob, simply perform the following;

Multiple quotes can be obtained by passing in a value (N.B. this will be automatically capped at the maximum quotes we currenntly hold at that time)

Search for a specific quote (URL encoding supported)

GET Response example;

    "contact": [],
    "timestamp": ,
    "about": "",
    "web": "",
    "acknowledgements": [],
    "response": [
            "id": "",
            "quote": "",
            "season": 0,

šŸ“« POST requests

Post request can be made by following the same pattern and by adding the following example into the body for the number of quotes required;


POST Body request example;

    "value": 1
    "term": "happy"

šŸŽ­ Event Stream API

Event Streams can be called from the following API, returning a random quote with a 3 second interval.

An example of this being used in Swift's async/await can be found here.

šŸ“ Feedback / Contributions / Acknowledgements

Any and all feedback is welcome, including contributions to Quotes - I'll even give you a shout out on my Twitter account šŸ˜.

All acknowledgements for this project can be found in the JSON response.

šŸ“™ Author

Hi, I'm Chris Iā€™m a Principal Mobile App Engineer from Manchester, England, I run Bob Ross JSON Api alongside my blog Code, Cocoa, Cabana.

Feel free to reach out and connect - even if it's just for a virtual coffee - you can catch me on Twitter or LinkedIn - Cheers šŸ„ƒ

ā˜•ļø Support

The Bob Ross JSON API is free and I plan to keep it that way, however if you like this service and would like to buy me a coffee, please feel free to do so via the below link (it would much appreciated)!